Yes, we are "The Official Sponsor of the Internet"™. It is an important position, and we are 110% committed to it. Please take a moment to read our Statement of Commitment to being "The Official Sponsor of the Internet"™

In addition, we are the self-appointed, quasi-official Registry of the various Official Sponsors of all things whimsical, eclectic, fanciful, natural, ethereal, ephemeral, unprovable, improbable, inscrutable, ad-hoc, internal, universal, extraterrestrial, and most of all, Public Domain.

 We will register almost anybody as The Official Sponsor of almost anything within those categories. For example, we can register claims as The Official Sponsor of:

  • summer
  • winter
  • hot geek girls
  • hot geek guys
  • sunshine
  • lighting
  • thunder
  • falling rocks
  • waterfalls
  • waterspouts
  • water sprites
  • good fishing
  • best friends
  • evil companions
  • mountain meadows
  • puce
  • clouds
  • clouds shaped like dogs
  • clouds shaped like cats
  • clouds shaped like hot geek girls
  • (or hot geek guys)

The sky is not the limit. It is just the beginning. There are billions of planets, stars, constellations, and galaxys just waiting to be Officially Sponsored.

  • Sunspots
  • Moonbeams
  • Microscopium **
  • Triangulum Australe **
  • The Sombrero Galaxy (Good ol' M104) **
  • The Dumbell Nebula **
  • Deneb Dulfim **

    ( ** For the curious, these are Messier objects. Now you know as much as us)

  • What claims won't we register? Most importantly, anything that will get us sued. Pretty much, if it's a commercial enterprise that sells Official Sponsorships, any international sporting event held every four years, or has a name with the ™ or ® or SM symbols, we won't go near it. After that, we fall back on the old reliables to determine if we'll take it. Is it illegal, immoral and fattening? We won't register anything illegal. We can be okay with immoral, as long as you can describe it in PG to R terms. Fattening? Oh, yeah, go for it. For more details, please take a look at the Conditions of Registration

    What are you The Official Sponsor of? Write to us at the address below,  or fill in the form to your right, and register your claim!

    After we receive your registration request, we will add you to "The Official List of The Official Sponsors" showing you as The Official Sponsor of whatever it is that you Officially Sponsor. Basic Registration is absolutely FREE and includes a clickable text link to your website or blog. You'll also get a 10 to 15 word paragraph to say almost anything you choose. You can develop your personal philosophy, write an ad, tell a joke. Please note that whatever you submit is subject to our subjective approval, so we may request you to rewrite it.

    We won't sell, lease, loan, trade, rent, give out or let anyone look over our shoulder at your email address (unless they show us a warrant first). We probably won't hypothecate it, but since we're not 100% absolutely, positively sure we know what that means, we're not going to make any rash promises. We'll use your email address to contact you to let you know that your registration has been posted, and a thank-you note if you used the "Donate" button on the Upgrade Page, but that will be the last time you hear from us, unless you write us first and we reply. If you are silly enough to put your email in your listing, we aren't responsible for any spam you get from doing so. You will note that we've formatted our address to hopefully eliminate getting spam from most of the triple-dammed crawlers looking for email addresses.

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